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Opening hours: SERVICING MON-FRI: 7:00 - 16:00,    LPG / BOTTLED GASES MON-FRI: 7:00 - 17:00


We are a Linde store for bottled gases and welding equipment. On site we keep in stock a wide range of gases in varying bottle sizes and have available highly specialist gases at only a days notice! With delivery available (by arrangement) we can help keep your business doing what it should - working!

Domestic Gas:   Propane-Butane (2kg, 10kg, 33kg)

Welding gases available:  Oxygen, Acetylene, CO2, Argon, Corgon, Cronigon, Mision, Nitrogen.

Drink dispensing gases:  Biogon, CO2

Other gases on site:  Balloon gas (Helium)
Propane (for propulsion - e.g. fork lifts) Pneumix (Tyre inflation and extended service life for tyres)

A variety of welding equipment is also stocked on site. We keep welding rods for various materials and wires in varying gauges and weights. Reduction valves, regulators, gas hosing, welding masks, goggles and gloves - what we don't have we can order!

Grinding discs and flap wheels for hand tools are on display for sale in almost all sizes and grades. Sold per item - but also available by the box, to suit all customers great and small!

No Linde contract is needed to purchase welding equipment or domestic propane - butane, however for industrial gases a contract is required.

For new customers, bottle rental contracts are available payable daily or yearly - please contact us for further details.


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